Blake Lively had to apologize to Kate Middleton after finding out about her cancer

Blake Lively had to apologize to Kate Middleton after finding out about her cancer


In recent days, Kate Middleton revealed to the international media the reason for her prolonged absence from the public light: At 42 years of age, and after what was only going to be abdominal surgery, the Duchess of Cambridge confirmed that she suffered from cancer. Through a moving statement, Prince William’s wife also took the opportunity to show solidarity with those who suffer from this disease, and indirectly, she discarded all the Famous rumors that were around him.

What was the joke Blake Lively apologized for to Kate Middleton?

In this sense, and before it was known for sure what was happening with Kate Middletonit was not surprising that many joked about his whereabouts. In fact, one’s own Blake Lively (famous for her role in ‘Gossip Girl’) used the recent edited photo of the Duchess with her children to make a joke about it: in her Instagram stories, Ryan Reynolds’ wife also parodied the ‘photoshopped’ image of Kate with an ad about their line of mocktails.

Photo: Instagram // @princeandprincessofwales

In said material (which has since been deleted) Blake used terminology about ‘royalty,’ ‘disappearances,’ and the misuse of editing programs.’ It was not a complex commercial by any means, but the Instagram story had clear references to the previous photograph of Kate Middleton hugging his children. Of course that original image was a worldwide scandal, and hundreds of theories were in the air, but after learning the truth about the cancermany Famous They regretted having joked so insensitively.

For the same reason, Blake Lively publicly apologized to Kate Middleton through another story in your Instagram. In fact, on the same day that the Princess of Wales revealed her diagnosis of cancerLively deleted all files of her previous story and was very remorseful with her words: I know it probably doesn’t matter today, but I feel like I have to acknowledge this (…) I made a really stupid post about the Photoshop fail frenzy, and God, that mortifies me so much today. I’m sorry with all my heart. Sending love and good wishes to everyone, always.

Regarding the ‘badly Photoshopped’ image, Kate herself acknowledged that she was the one who had tried to modify the material. The photo in question looks strange because the Duchess of Cambridge is not exactly a digital artist; and despite the multiple theories that she unleashed, today the world deduces that perhaps giving that image a few extra touches helped make it Kate Middleton distract yourself from difficult moments.

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