Chiquis Rivera reacts to the alleged plan she had against her mother Jenni Rivera

Chiquis Rivera reacts to the alleged plan she had against her mother Jenni Rivera



Right at the peak of success and established as one of the most important female representatives of the Mexican regional industry, Jenni Rivera He lost his life in December 2012 in a plane crash which left her fans and family heartbroken, but one theory points to the star’s eldest daughter, Chiquis, to be involved inside of the death of your own mother and even though the 38-year-old girl already reacted, We present the evidence to you.

Let us remember that the relationship between mother and daughter was never the best of all, since it was widely said that Lorenzo Méndez’s ex-wife got involved with the widower of the Neighborhood Butterfly, Esteban Loaiza, so the sudden accident of the singer who died at the age of 43 did not allow her to fix things with her first-born daughter, but now a theory launched by the uncle of Chiquis, Juan Riverathey point out to the young singer of Kill your mother?

It was last Sunday, February 18, when Gustavo Adolfo Infante made a series of statements to American media where he said that Jenny Rivera he was afraid that his own daughter Chiquis the ‘will try to kill‘, as he maintained his statements saying that: “There is an email that Jenni Rivera sent to Juan at some point in 2012 where she was afraid that Chiquis would have her killed,” assured the air; so immediately the networks They exploded and this is how the young interpreter reacted.

It is important to mention that currently, 12 years after the death of Jenni Riverahis children are in the middle of a legal battle against their uncles, John and Rosie, as well as his own grandfather, Don Pedro Rivera, and this is because they have not been given the money that belonged to their mother, royalties from their songs and over exploitation of the image of the Great lady, so the young people don’t want any deal with their maternal family, but now this news shakes the entire industry.

Did Chiquis Rivera want to kill her mother?

The also Mexican regional singer did not immediately react to such statements by the controversial Mexican journalist, but now, through his social networks, he uploaded a series of clips where he decided break the silence and react to statements not only of Gustavo Adolfo Infante but also to this assumption email that is in the hands of your Uncle Juan, with whom she and her brothers have a legal battle.

“This morning I saw and heard something very ugly, something very ridiculous, but it doesn’t surprise me… My pressure went down because I said: ‘How, how can they think of saying something like that?’ You don’t play with those things… What a disappointment, what a shame, the good thing is that God takes care of me, He has always taken care of me… God will say, God is going to take care of it. The courts are also going to take care of it, the court is also going to take care of it. order. Justice. ‘It’s coming’,” said the stage star.

It is important to mention that these last statements, many assure that it was a clear warning for her uncle, with whom they will clearly face in court and hopes that things turn out the way she and hers brothers wants, because the only thing they seek is justice.


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