Did Mhoni Vidente predict World War III?  This is what he said about April 13

Did Mhoni Vidente predict World War III? This is what he said about April 13


The tensions in the Middle East between Israel and Iran have caused a lot of concern because more countries could get involved in this conflict and even divide into two sides, which triggered calls on social networks that it would be a Third World warbut this is reminiscent of a series of predictions that were made such as that of Nostradamusbut who also did it was Mhoni Vidente.

The famous astrologer made a series of predictions a few days ago regarding what could happen after the Solar eclipse on April 8 and that great changes would come and that would affect several countries, since that would be the day that a world war would break out.

Although, the conflicts between both countries broke out on Saturday, April 13, the fortune teller assured that it would be a consequence of it being the year of the sun: “the world war begins completely detonating, the third begins, I had already told you that this year, it is the year of war“It is the year of violence, it is the year of anger and the egos of human beings.”

“That way of controlling everything and everyone, humanity, leaders completely sick with power. I don’t understand how human beings love to self-destruct themselves, I can’t understand it yet, but this year 2024 is going to be the year of war. It will be triggered after Lent or during Holy Week, which will be the last week of March, on April 8 we begin to hear, we begin to comment on which major countries are going to begin to completely detonate the war. violence,” said the expert.

What Mhoni Vidente said would happen on April 13

As we already mentioned, it was last April 13 when They deployed drones, rockets and missileswhich generated great concern worldwide, but it was the Cuban who had already warned that something like this would happen exactly that day and believes that it all started on April 8.

In addition to having experienced the total solar eclipse, he also highlighted that we are still in the era of Aries, the devil’s comet passed, more than six planets aligned, there was a new moon, so all that energy Together, it came with a change of life and for humanity.

“On April 13, that magical portal that everyone was waiting for, all people in all countries, opens at 3:33 pm (…) let’s expect anything in every sense,” he said.


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