Evelyn Beltrán speaks for the first time about her breakup with Toni Costa, Adamari López’s ex

Evelyn Beltrán speaks for the first time about her breakup with Toni Costa, Adamari López’s ex



Although several years have passed since the separation of Toni Costa and Adamari Lópezand although they did not reveal the true reasons for their breach, It was widely said that it was a infidelity from the Spaniard, since months later he confirmed his romance with Evelyn Beltran and now that they are no longer a couple, finally break the silence and this is what she said mexican model regarding this news.

It is worth mentioning that while the choreographer remained within the second edition of The House of the Famous, The beauty queen was one of his main cheerleaders, since she was in charge of encouraging him through the digital platformsbecause even the bells rang wedding bellssince it was said that the couple He had even gotten engaged, but that is already part of the past and until now the young 28 years old.

It is important to mention that after several weeks of rumors, it was through a release released through their respective social networks, but the two had remained in touch margin of statementsbut so far the couple has decided to talk about it, but it was the ex of Adamari Lopez the first to speak about it, because according to his most recent comments he is calmer than ever and focused on his job.

“I feel good, I feel calm, you know that one puts out a statement because it is the fact that one is going to talk about and in the statement everything is said,” commented the dancer of Spanish origin in February 2024.

What does Evelyn Beltrán say about her breakup with Toni Costa?

It is until now that the model born in Mexico has decided to talk about the end of her Romance, Well, through a dynamic of questions and answers from their fans, where the first questions turned to the relationship he had with the father of little Alaïa, daughter of Adamari López, So for the first time he spoke out about it, and this was what he revealed to the cyber community.

And many asked about when the romance with Adamari López’s ex had ended, to which she limited herself to answering: “My relationship ended at the end of October 2023”, which has caused her own fans to make their own statements. conclusions.

It is worth mentioning that up to now there is no Official version As for the reasons that led them to want to separate, many fans assure that the couple’s plans dancer would be returning to the mother of his daughter, but neither he nor the actress Univision They have spoken about it.


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