Telemundo soap opera star loses his job and becomes a waiter

Telemundo soap opera star loses his job and becomes a waiter


For years, this actor of Telemundo He had it all: he worked with big productions, starred in successful soap operas and gained international recognition, however, suddenly, everything changed and from being the heartthrob of melodramas he had to become waiter Well, he was left without a job. Who is it about? Here we reveal the name of the famous man and what he has had to do to get ahead.

They say that fame as it comes, can go, quickly and without warning, this was precisely what happened to a actor of soap operas Telemundo who enjoyed the joys of success, but then went through a period of deprivation after doing several castings and not receiving the expected call from any producer. After waiting for years for this to happen, she realized that she couldn’t continue like this, so she had to find a plan B with which to make money.

The famous person opened up about his situation and spoke about this bad streak in the program “Desiguales”, hosted by Adamari López, Karina Banda, Amara La Negra, Migbelis Castellanos and Dr. Nancy Álvarez and which is broadcast by Univision. That was where he narrated what he had to do to pay his expenses and debts, when the job as actor in Telemundo He no longer left him any money.

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In the talk he mentioned that suddenly his phone stopped ringing and job offers began to become scarce, so he had to reinvent himself and pursue another profession. The one that occurred to him was to be a waiter in a restaurant, since it is common for several actors, before achieving fame and in their beginnings, to have this job, so it was not strange for him to dedicate himself to that, so he took the decision.

Famous Telemundo actor leaves his job and becomes a waiter

He actor of Telemundo that when he lost his job he had to be a waiter, it was Gabriel Porrasas he told it in “Desiguales”. “I think it’s the most difficult thing when you’re at home waiting for that famous call that we actors are waiting for for the next lead role or the next thing that’s going to happen to us and it turns out that it doesn’t come and a year goes by and it doesn’t come and 2 years go by and doesn’t arrive and the third year passes, you continue casting and nothing happens,” he said.

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“But my body and my mind are still alive and I have to pay the bills, the taxes, everything that needs to be paid, so let’s make the decision; what do I do, what activity could I do as an actor that wouldn’t make me feel bad?” and I said well we always were actors waiters or bartenders before they can achieve fame, so maybe going that way. And I’m going to study a bartending course,” Porras added.

It was in this way that he managed to get ahead, but he admitted that working as a bartender or waiter It’s not easy and he recognized the enormous work you do: “When I had to work, oh my God, I respect the waiters and bartenders like you have no idea, it’s a very hard job. The least important thing is mixing drinks, you have to carry tons of ice to be able to put the drinks, everything you see in restaurants, the bottles arranged beautifully, all those bottles are arranged and put away every day, every day everything is cleaned and if the manager sees you, you are standing like that it makes you do something, you can’t use the phone, you can’t sit down,” he mentioned.

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Among the most notable soap operas in which he has participated Gabriel Porras There are “Everything for Love” (1997), “The Virgin Wife” (2005), “Dame Chocolate” (2007), “The House Next Door” (2011) and “In Another Skin” (2014). He has also been part of television series such as “The Face of Vengeance” (2012) and “The Lord of the Skies” (2013-2016), where he played the character of Aurelio Casillas. In addition to his work on the small screen, he also ventured into film, participating in films such as “My Brother’s Woman” (2005), “El cartel de los sapos” (2011) and “Presencia sinister” (2013).

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Gabriel Porras explained that he could not bear the workload that the profession of waiter and a bartender in a restaurant, so he left after 3 months of working. For now she prefers to take other measures to earn money if she is not called to be actor in one of the soap operas Telemundeither. This experience left him with many learnings and a different way of seeing life.

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