From Usher’s show to Kansas City mistakes: the best Super Bowl memes

From Usher’s show to Kansas City mistakes: the best Super Bowl memes

He superbowl leaves a lot to talk about every year, whether it’s the halftime show or the mistakes on the field, but without a doubt the best thing that the final of the NFL They are the memes.

After Rihanna’s performance in 2023, Usher he had a very high bar for himself show in it half time of the superbowland the rain of memes began on networks, where they did not forgive him for his role.

If it is totally subjective whether his show was good or bad, the truth is that the balance on social networks is not in favor of the Texas-born singer.

As soon as the show ended, Internet users took to social media to compare Usher’s halftime performance with previous performances, and even with one of the most remembered scenes from the popular movie “And where are the blondes?”.

The Mexicans brought out that creativity that characterizes them, in addition to the ability to make fun of themselves, and they did not leave the opportunity to point out the amount of sweat Usher had on his facewhich was too much compared to the amount of water in the Cutzamala system of the Valley of Mexico.

The low participation of Travis Kelce in the first half of superbowl was also the reason for memessince in the boxes of the Allegiant Stadium was Taylor Swift with the player’s family.

Another thing that caught attention, although not in a good way, was the Kelce’s own behaviorbecause he starred in a moment of indiscipline -to say the least- in the midst of frustration over the mistakes that the Chiefs during part of the game.

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