Grimes apologizes for disappointing Coachella performance

Grimes apologizes for disappointing Coachella performance

Grimes appeared on stage “Sahara” of the Coachella Festival last April 13, but his show was disappointing for assistants.

The DJ I had planned a 50-minute set where I would mix the hits long awaited by the public such as “So Heavy I Fell Through the Earth” or “Genesis”However, he had problems with the tracks and couldn’t solve it.

Why is Grimes’ Coachella show criticized?

When Grimes would touch “Music 4 Machines” The track was going faster than it should, so the sound was chaotic.

“This is difficult to explain, but we are having a major technical error. “Don’t judge me for being bad at calculating things,” said the artist.

Like the technical problems continued, the singer told her audience that she was bad at math, which made it difficult for her to make the mixes, so she would give the show with tracks.

“I can not do math. They’re almost impossible to mix, so the rest of my set won’t be mixes, but it will still be fun,” Grimes announced during his performance.

Grimes fans criticize her for Coachella set

The criticisms of Grimes for not knowing mingle live they did not stop from the moment the incident happened concert.

Through social networks, the DJ’s performance brought together dozens of comments where they demanded that she learn to really mix.

“Leave the cheesy outfits and learn to be really DJ“, “Technical problems…skill problem”, “Finally the world gets to see what a joke she is.” “Fix her turntables? You mean I taught him to really be a DJ? She should go back to whatever she was wearing for his first album. It hasn’t been good since then. “Just garbage marketing,” were some of the accusations against Grimes.

Grimes apologizes for her Coachella show

Grimes apologized on his X account for the technical problems in his performance on the first weekend of the Coachella and gave an explanation of what happened to his DJ Set.

“Wanna apologize due to technical problems with that night’s program. I wanted to come back very strong and normally I always take care of every aspect of my program myself; To save time, this was one of the first times I outsourced essential things like rekordbox bpms and let someone else organize the tracks on the SD card.”

The artist He promised that the following weekend in his second presentation at the Indio Festival, California, She herself will be in charge of seeing every detail so as not to fail her clients again. fans.

“I will personally organize all the files next week. I won’t let something like this happen again. But yes, next week will be perfect, everything will pass through my hands. Please forgive me! Lovealways,” Grimes shared on social networks.

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