Karely Ruíz will provide support to put out fires in Veracruz – 24 Hours

Karely Ruíz will provide support to put out fires in Veracruz – 24 Hours

In the midst of a strong wave of forest fires in the high mountains of the provinces of Orizaba, Veracruzthe Monterrey influencer Karely Ruíz asked her fans for help to find out about media or organizations that you can contact to send help.

Through her official Facebook account, the model published “I want to help my people in Orizaba, today I will see a way to support them”In addition, he pointed out that it does not matter whether the aid is sent to Nogales or Orizaba, but that the joke was to send support.

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After that and through his Instagram account, The influencer shared the image of a collection center in Veracruz where people can go and leave tools with which the fire and emergency departments can fight the flames.

Karely Ruíz also detailed that all the profits generated in recent days from the subscriptions generated in her account OnlyFans will be used to purchase the equipment and tools necessary to try to put out these strong forest fires.

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The model indicated that she will go to this collection center personally to deliver the support. and invited all his fans to do the same. In one of her stories she specified that this week she will give the day on which she will come to deliver the donations in case someone else likes to accompany her.

This is not the first time that Karely Ruíz has done some altruistic act with a specific cause, previously went to a dog shelter that had been abandoned, this to deliver several kilos of dog food.


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