Luisito Comunica is arrested after visiting the megaprison in El Salvador – 24 Hours

Luisito Comunica is arrested after visiting the megaprison in El Salvador – 24 Hours

The youtuber Luisito Comunica once again he finds himself in the eye of the hurricane, this after his visit to the Confinement and Terrorism Center (CECOT) located in The Saviorcountry run by the president Nayib Bukele.

After Luisito Comunica a few days ago, he will monopolize the attention of social networks, after the statements made by his ex-partner Cinthya Velázquez “Cat Tongues”, about the relationship they had, since the influencer indicated that the content creator had been unfaithful to her; This Friday, the businessman also stole “focus” after he shared this Wednesday on a YouTube account a video that he made about his visit to CECOT.

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But before that, Luisito commented that in order to carry out this report, he obtained a press permit and had to go through 7 security filters and leave all his personal items, to be able to enter the largest prison on the entire American continent (236 apples).

Which has the capacity to house nearly 40 thousand prisoners, which Communica pointed out that today a large percentage are dangerous gang members and criminal leaders considered terrorists.

Later, in the 16:48 min clip, the Puebla influencer showed how the inmates live. From the common areas, the cells (capacity for 100 people), the courtrooms, dining rooms (where they prepare food, beans, tortillas and cream) and other places where people who are confined move.

Likewise, it showed the methods and punishments that are imposed to control the inmates, and the rules that the Government has imposed.

As is the lack of coexistence with family members, so that the prisoners do not have the right to visits, after the “bad decisions” they made in their lives, he mentioned.

In another fragment of the clip, the influencer showed that the light is never turned off in the cells, which makes the inmates who are completely shaved, with masks and wearing the same clothes — t-shirt and pants — lose track of time and days. white-.

Likewise, it showed that prisoners carry out their entire criminal process remotely, so they do not have any physical contact with their lawyers or judges.

He also shared that the guards have their faces covered with a balaclava for their safety and that of their family, since many of them live or lived in neighborhoods where “criminals” ruled and they must keep their identity protected to avoid danger.

On the other hand, the influencer also explained that the situation he experienced was terrifying, as he lived just a few meters away with murderers and kidnappers, many of them from two historically enemy gangs, Los Mara Salvatrucha and 18, without any protection.

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As expected, the video provoked multiple reactions, as Internet users pointed out that the conditions in which the prisoners live despite their crimes are inhumane.

However, they also criticized the YouTuber, saying that he made a “propaganda video in favor of Bukele” after “promoting” the prison.

“Luisito Comunica released a propaganda video in favor of Bukele, promoting the megaprison that so many politicians in Latin America want to copy,” reads a publication in X.

In addition to this, they mentioned that Luisito would have dehumanized the prisoners, after saying that the life they lead in the CECOT was “adequate,” due to their criminal history:

“I am leaving El Salvador, very shocked, but with a strange feeling of relief, I tell you, I have visited many prisons and have documented several for the channel. It gives a feeling of helplessness when you visit prisons where criminals have done horrible things and live like kings. Being able to appreciate these conditions and these measures in a maximum security prison provides a certain feeling of empowerment to a simple citizen like me.”


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