Paola Suárez starts campaign as a candidate for local deputy in León – 24 Horas

Paola Suárez starts campaign as a candidate for local deputy in León – 24 Horas

The content creator Paola Suarez of The lossesas was announced a few days ago, is in search of a local council in Lion so he has already started his election campaign.

It was Morena’s candidate for the governorship of Guanajuato, Alma Alcaraz, who on April 5 shared a series of images on her social networks with Paola Suárez, to announce that the influencer was in search of a local council in León. .

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And although nothing had been confirmed, journalist Wendoline Adame reported that “La Patitas del 3 ½” to do things in the right way registered with the OPLE of Guanajuato.

The registration of the candidacy was carried out with his birth name Christian Ulises Suárez Trujillo, which is the one that contains all his official documents.

However, it was approved that the name with which the content creator identifies, who is a trans woman, will appear on the ballot on June 2, that is, Paolita Suarezthis with the purpose that voters can identify it more easily.

Likewise, it was detailed that he will go in a formula, as his substitute for the local deputation, Karla Juana Sánchez.

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Paolita starts campaign

Thus, this Monday, April 15, the member of “Las Perdidas” after the Electoral Institute of the State of Guanajuato approved her candidacy as a local deputy for the PT Party for District VII in León, started her electoral campaign.

In images that have been spread on social networks, Suárez can be seen wearing a white shirt, jeans and a red cap with the party logo, this during his first tour of the San Felipe flea market, to ask for the people’s vote.

To whom he mentioned that if he wins, he will work for the rights and safety of the LGBTQ+ community, as well as that of sex workers.

Well, through her social networks she has highlighted that she knows people’s needs because she has lived them, which is why this opportunity would be to return the support they have given her.


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