Pedro Sola reveals that Daniel Bisogno underwent lung surgery – El Diario NY

Pedro Sola reveals that Daniel Bisogno underwent lung surgery – El Diario NY

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The driver of “Ventaneando”, Daniel Bisognounderwent lung surgery after contracting a bacteria that left him in intensive care, this was revealed Pedro Sola through a video that was shared on the program’s account.

“Yesterday they lowered his sedation and they woke him up and we thought they were going to remove the tube, no. The doctors decided that two or three more days for him to be stronger and when they take it away he can breathe on his own, because The operation they did on his lung was very serious.“said his partner.

During the broadcast, the host commented that the actor also woke up, but became upset when he found himself connected, so they had to sedate him again.

“He has a tube inserted that makes him breathe, because he was very nervous, very upset and, like all sick people, he wants to remove his belly and so on,” he shared.

However, Sola assured that the prognosis is favorable, even Bisogno has already greeted his brother Alejandro, who has taken care of him in recent days.

“Yesterday he half opened his eyes, he greeted his brother Alejandro, he is right there with him and there is a good prognosis that little by little he will recover and will have to take it easy, but it is excellent news that we received yesterday, with a joy that you cannot imagine,” he concluded.

A few days ago, Pati Chapoy confirmed that the presenter was intubated because he could not breathe on his own, as a result of an infection caused by bacteria in the lung.

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