“Rebound” by Jennifer López raises controversy by portraying Marc Anthony’s abusive relationship with the singer – El Diario NY

“Rebound” by Jennifer López raises controversy by portraying Marc Anthony’s abusive relationship with the singer – El Diario NY

Jennifer Lopez has “bare” his love life through his new album “This Is Me… Now”, which came to light on February 16. And according to the singer herself, this recording material portrays important moments in her personal life such as her relationship with Ben Affleckthe variety of marriages she has had as well as her much-known relationship with the singer Mark Anthony.

The above, although it has not been confirmed by the artist herself, became more relevant after the release of the video clip for the song.Rebound”, which has become the target of a large number of comments and accusations about the possible intention of Lopez to portray his “toxic” relationship with the “Now Who” singer.

In the video in question, which stars the same actress and the dancer Gilbert Saldívar, you can see Jennifer carry out a studied choreography inside what appears to be a glass house.

The idea of ​​the glass house was like getting into these toxic relationships. You have trauma from your past. You have these patterns that you haven’t discovered yet. And you get into these relationships and you commit in ways that you never thought you would. Or you allow people to treat you in ways you never thought you would.”

Jennifer Lopez


Does “Rebound” portray the relationship between Marc Anthony and Jennifer Lopez?

After the release of “Rebound”, followers and fans of the singer related the content of the video and the song with the “suffering” relationship that the actress also had with the Latin artist.

Jennifer Lopez posing on a red carpet.

It should be noted that the star couple met more than 3 decades ago when both were beginning their professional careers. However, it was not until 2004 that the couple unexpectedly tied the knot after Lopez canceled her wedding to Ben Affleck and Anthony ended his relationship with Dayanara Torres.

During their relationship, and after various collaborations in film and music, the couple raised their two children: Emme and Maximilian. Finally, in 2011, the Latin stars announced their separation in an “amicable manner.” Regarding the reasons for her separation, the singer revealed shortly after that her marriage was not the “dream she expected,” however, she appreciated Mark for being the father of her children.

Jennifer Lopez and Marc Anthony posing together.
Jennifer López and Marc Anthony had two children: Emme and Maximilian.
Credit: Mezcalo

However, years later, the Bronx-born woman revealed how “terrified” she was in her relationship with the singer: “I don’t think I can stay with Marc any longer. What people didn’t know is that my life wasn’t actually that good. “My relationship was falling apart and I was terrified.”

These statements have been the most commented on by the singer’s followers, who point out that “Rebound” would be a way to show your feelings during your relationship with Mark. It should be remembered that in other songs on the same album, Jennifer has reflected various aspects of her life, such as in the song “Can’t Get Enough”, where he alluded to the diversity of weddings he has had.

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