Rosalía performed a sensual dance in a black miniskirt with a large opening and knee-high boots

Rosalía performed a sensual dance in a black miniskirt with a large opening and knee-high boots

Rosalía's fans continue to express their admiration for her.

Rosalía’s fans continue to express their admiration for her.

Photo: Kevin Winter/Getty Images

Singer Rosalía at 30 years old has managed to captivate millions of people with her talenta fact that has taken her to different parts of the world to be able to offer live during her presentations everything she has learned during her professional career. In turn, she has received various awards in the music industry after breaking down barriers.

The interpreter of the urban genre on this occasion stole the glances of her followers on the TikTok social network, because she looked in a way that few had seen because her look was completely different.

Her short black hair captivated more than one, while many considered that it was not her and was being confused with the singer. However, that was not true, the video was also shared in the verified account where, in addition wears a sweater and a miniskirt with a wide slit in the front with knee-high black boots.

In turn, Internet users did not wait and did not hesitate to leave hundreds of comments for her wardrobe, because many were attracted to the outfit she decided to wear to be able to record the audiovisual.

In addition, several of the users of the application mentioned that with that look with short black hair would have a certain resemblance to Kylie Jennerwhile there were many who said that she looks quite “pretty”, so they consider it prudent that she also work in a film to continue enjoying her talent.

“Am I the only one who sees her very similar to Rosalía?”, “Nobody beats this face”, “I love how you look. Everything looks good on you.” “She looks like Kylie”“Precious the motor queen”, “You are incredible”, “Me going back to see if it is Rosalía for this comment”, “How beautiful by God”, “That cut looks beautiful on you, it’s perfect”, “Girl, what do you say? Is there something wrong with you?”, “Rosi, why are you so beautiful?”, “How beautiful, love of my life”, “I am a fan of your hair”, “Now you will need to be in a movie”, “I want that skirt”, “How beautiful short hair looks”, were some of the expressions that were registered in the post.

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