VIDEO.  “In case you don’t believe my son”: ‘Changuito’ steals a little boy’s homework in Culiacán – 24 Horas

VIDEO. “In case you don’t believe my son”: ‘Changuito’ steals a little boy’s homework in Culiacán – 24 Horas

How many times did you hear the story in school about a dog stealing the house? task from a friend or classmate? Well on this occasion he was not a dog, but rather a ‘little monkey‘ and for further evidence, the robbery was recorded on video.

Although it seemed like a joke or some excuse for not handing in the homework, on this occasion it seems that the matter would have been true, after a mother recorded the moment in which a small monkey steals her son’s homework.

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Through the TikTok social network, user @jenioronaq shared the moment in which the ‘changuito’ has her son’s notebook and bites it repeatedly.

Likewise, he said that what was done by the ‘changuito’ is one of the many pranks he has committed in his house located in a subdivision of Culiacán, Sinaloa.

“In case the teacher doesn’t believe you. A monkey took control of the boy’s homework, that’s why he’s not going to do his homework now. A monkey, hey teacher. In case you don’t believe my son,” said the mother of the family, who repeatedly demanded that the animal return the homework notebook.

After the video went viral, the mother of the family declared that the notebook that the ‘changuito’ took was the one for homework and reports, but that her child did not have homework. Additionally, she mentioned that she recorded what happened because she found it funny.


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For their part, users made various comments and recalled some similar anecdotes; However, there were those who were outraged by the situation of the ‘changuito’, which according to the woman who shared the video, belongs to a neighbor.

A very well dressed monkey, by the way”; “a poor spider monkey of illegal origin… by the way @PROFEPA We’ll have to see whose it is? “They’re not fooling me, they paid the monkey!”; “Our kitten destroyed my son’s homework, I saw it but I told him, do it again because no one is going to believe you,”That monkey in a shirt is hired. You can see that he smiles at the camera,” were some comments.


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