We played Unicorn Overlord and this was what we loved the most

We played Unicorn Overlord and this was what we loved the most

Unicorn Overlordthe most recent title of Vanillawareappears as a nostalgic tribute
to the Japanese Role Playing Games (JRPG) of the nineties that engages from beginning to end. His
simple and direct gameplay, accompanied by its 2D artistic direction offers a
setting that immerses us in an authentic medieval fantasy.

Unicorn OverlordUnicorn Overlord

Throughout its history, we accompany a group of insurgents in their entertaining fight in
against a usurping empire within a story that, although conventional in its
format, stands out for the way it presents its world and its characters. Without entering
details, each player’s choice has tangible consequences on the development of the game.
story, an aspect that adds a level of immersion that should not be ignored, so to speak, leaves
Let the player build their own story.

Be careful, the main mission is just the beginning and lasts approximately nine to twelve
hours, but the title offers the possibility of exploring the map to conquer territories
nearby, expand the liberation army, delve into the history of the units, recruit
new allies and even decide the fate of antagonists.

A striking and immersive world

Unicorn OverlordUnicorn Overlord

But that’s not all, the title also offers a modest but lively map, with
resources to extract, hidden treasures to discover and optional areas with subplots. To its
Again, the sense of scale is unique due to its use of a 3×2 grid and looks
reinforced by the interactivity of the environment that invites you to explore every corner in search of
secrets. To all this are added parameters such as the level of friendship between units or the
possibility of not only selecting from a wide variety of classes, but with the opportunity
to personalize them.

Considering what has already been mentioned, another of the most outstanding aspects of Unicorn Overlord is
its combat system, which manages to be both comfortable and accessible as well as deep and
strategic. Missions, sometimes time-limited, add a touch of urgency and
tension that keeps the player engaged in the action.

It is worth mentioning that while some gathering mechanics can at times
give a feeling of slowness in the pace, in general they contribute to the gaming experience with
positive results and add layers of depth and variety, which is appreciated.

A gemaplay with a unique style and impeccable art

Unicorn OverlordUnicorn Overlord

Ok, the gameplay is good, yes, but Unicorn Overlord It is also distinguished by its visual style.
In graphic terms, it is no secret that Vanillaware has a style that has always been
applauded not only for its identity, but for the beauty of its landscapes and designs. Although
It might seem that some designs fall into the generic, in reality their graphic style allows
Let the characters shine within their world.

Whether on the semi-open map that we can explore, in the story telling or within
each fight, the style of the title does not disappoint. In fact, it is a step on the right path
in terms of linking story and gameplay to create an atmosphere.

In line with its art direction, Unicorn Overlord Provides a simple and clear interface design,
a detail that often goes unnoticed, but has a huge impact on the experience
of game. The user interface in this title is quite intuitive, making it easy to immerse
in the world of the game and allows, to a large extent, its enjoyment.

Should you buy Unicorn Overlord?

Unicorn OverlordUnicorn Overlord

Unicorn Overlord is not only leading to Vanillaware towards a future full of
opportunities, but also sets an example for other strategy role-playing games
that are already in circulation.

To close, Unicorn Overlord is a JRPG with personality that offers an excellent door
gateway for new audiences and a great experience for veterans. His
well-balanced gameplay, artistic direction and narrative, make this a title that does not
we must lose sight.

Let’s play Unicorn Overlord in PlayStation with a code provided by a representative
of sega.

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