Who is Piqué’s new girlfriend?  Mhoni Vidente assures that he has already finished with Clara Chía

Who is Piqué’s new girlfriend? Mhoni Vidente assures that he has already finished with Clara Chía


For a couple of months now, the problems between Gerard Piqué and his young girlfriend Clara Chía, therefore, assures that after several months of courtship and an engagement, their separation is about to come. Was Mhoni Vidente who, in his most recent predictions, revealed that the couple would have put a definitive end to it and even that the former soccer player already has new girlfriend and she is Latin just like Shakira, who is she? Here we reveal her identity to you.

Mhoni Vidente She has been more active than ever in making public her predictions, which, although sometimes quite controversial, are very certain, which is why she has earned the support of millions of people who watch her videos and faithfully believe in her words. Her most recent predictions have gone viral because she has managed to predict the present and future of Kate Middleton, one of the most important and beloved members of the British monarchy.

On the other hand, in recent days he made some revelations about the current life of Gerard Piqué. During her predictions for the Heraldo de México YouTube channel, the psychic assured that indeed, Clara Chía and Shakira’s ex are no longer dating: “that relationship completely died,” she said. The footballer has made a complete turn in his life since he is involved in his new business with which he not only keeps himself busy, but also earns exorbitant amounts: “he is earning the million of his life.”

Who is Gerard Piqué’s new girlfriend in 2024?

He added that, as expected, the 37-year-old Spaniard already has a new partner and she is originally from Mexico. Let us remember that his business affairs have kept him constantly in the country since the end of 2023 and, apparently, on one of these trips he has met a Mexican woman with whom he fell deeply in love.

“He is dating a Mexicanwho is an artist and who is very well known. She is one of the most beautiful girls right now here in Mexico and, well, they saw each other and liked each other,” she expressed.


Besides, Mhoni revealed for the same medium that Gerard Piqué He has decided to take up residence in Mexico, since he has already bought a luxurious house very close to the beach, where he plans to stay for a while. “It’s the children’s turn, they’re going to be on vacation. The children are going to come to Mexico with him, because he already bought a house. Piqué bought a house in Playa del Carmen or Tulum. He liked Mexico.”

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