Anitta celebrates her birthday with mariachi, cake and even a kiss with Peso Pluma (Video)

Anitta celebrates her birthday with mariachi, cake and even a kiss with Peso Pluma (Video)

It seems like it was yesterday when the news of a romance between the Argentine Nicki Nicole and the author of corridos tumbados, Featherweight, flooded social networks and even when the announcement of a breaking off turned trendbut the kiss between the Mexican and the Brazilian artist Anitta no less than in the context of his birthday and To the north.

And the fleeting scene sparked rumors that this is the new conquest of the native of Zapopan, Jaliscosince his intervention was even adorned with the presence of a mariachibut if you missed the moment that is in burning the social networkshere we tell you all the details and we even show you the images captured by fans.

Anitta and Featherweight kiss in Pa’l Norte

Although it was last Friday when Double P had its presentation on the stage of what is considered the musical Festival most anticipated of the year, the Saturday He appeared before the public again, just as the singer’s presentation was taking place. Anitta and the reason was celebration of her birthday, for which she took advantage of a pause that the singer took.

It was while she was talking to the attendees who were gathered in the Fundidora Parkwhile she herself said that she had long tablecloths, in addition to narrating that it was the first time she had traveled to Mexico although he has the habit of work during the day of his onomasticas he stated that he could not reject the invitation of the state of the “roasted meat”.

“It’s my first time singing in this country, my first time singing in Mexico. It’s a very special day for me because it’s my birthday.”he stated before the audience, when suddenly the public Mexican showing off the warmth that characterizes him, he began to sing the morningsat which point a person dressed completely in black entered the scenery.

Those present quickly thought that it was something plannedbecause the person even had the Covered face and in his hands he carried a peculiar butt-shaped cake with a tiny piece of underwear and the singer’s name written on itbut the surprise came when it was revealed that it was the interpreter of “She dances Alone”who did not want to miss that celebration.

After handing the cake to the interpreter of Bellakeo both took a bite, in addition to the Mexican expressing “Let the cry be heard loudly for Anitta. Today is the birthday of the queen of Brazil”after which a group of mariachis took the stage to join the celebration with the mornings in the purest style of the guitar and trumpetalthough the finishing touch was missing.

Finally, at the end of the interpretation and before leaving, Featherweight approached the singer and after proposing it to the public they both gave each other a fleeting kissso the attendees did not hesitate to capture the scenealthough they were left with the desire to listen to the melody they sing togetherbecause after the romantic scene the show continued its course.

Published in The Sun of Puebla

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