Doesn’t it measure up?  Prince William is not prepared to assume the crown if King Charles III dies

Doesn’t it measure up? Prince William is not prepared to assume the crown if King Charles III dies


It was less than two years ago that the king Carlos III He ascended the throne expecting to reign for many years, however, his recent medical diagnosis could indicate otherwise. After it was revealed that the monarch has cancer, the world has turned its eyes to the the prince williamwho would be his successor in case his illness worsened and he died suddenly. Given this, there are those who claim that his son is not yet ready to assume the crown.

The month of February of this year had barely begun when the British royal family reported that the king Charles III He would have undergone various medical studies, which showed that he has cancer cells in his body, which alarmed and worried the entire world. In the same statement they added that he would have already started the relevant treatment to eradicate the disease. Although they remain optimistic about his speedy recovery, they also began structuring the actions that would be carried out during his funeral.

Since that announcement, he has stayed away from public life, like Kate Middleton, who shares the same medical diagnosis, as she announced at the end of March. Because both royals have put their schedules aside to prioritize their health, both Queen Camilla and william They have been in charge of managing matters that concern the monarchy and attending previously scheduled events. In this way, your child has acquired greater responsibilities sooner than expected.


Now that the Prince of Wales has taken the regency, the panorama of the activities he would carry out after his coronation has expanded, this would be a preliminary step that is preparing him by immersing himself more in his next duties that he acquired after the death of his father, the which could be sooner than expected. In this instance, experts analyze this scene and are sure that, if this happens, Prince Harry’s brother still would not be sufficiently prepared: “he is proving incapable of measuring up as a future king,” said Eduardo Álvarez for a newspaper. Spanish in days gone by.

On the other hand, author Tina Brown presented her perspective and confesses that the future king and his sick wife are more than worried about the possibility of being crowned in the near future. “The news of Carlos’ cancer has put william and Kate in terrifying proximity to ascending the throne… They tell me the prospect of it is causing them intense anxiety.”

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